2020 RS FFA Officer Nomination

A red asterisk (*) indicates required questions.

  1. First and Last Name*

  1. What grade will you be in next year?*

  1. Which Agriculture Classes are you signed up for next school year?*
    Ag Education
    Vet Science
    Ag Shop
    Ag Mechanics and Technology
    Animal Science
    Food Science
    Ag Business

  1. Identify the top three offices you would consider.*
    President – Presides over meetings
    Vice-President -- Is in charge of all committee’s. Finds committee chairs.
    Secretary – Records minutes of chapter meetings.
    Treasurer -- Keeps and presents treasurers report.
    Reporter -- Writes and sends in newspaper articles.
    Sentinel – Sets up meeting room and is in charge of refreshments for meetings.
    Student Advisor – Is in charge of door prizes and does Opening Ceremony

  1. Why do you wish to be an FFA officer?*

Story City, IA