Moodle Teachers

The BOE has a few questions regarding Moodle and kids who don't have a computer at home. Please answer these questions-thanks!

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  1. Are you currently using your Moodle materials?
    No-I need help!
    No-I wrote it for next year.

  1. Are your students assigned to do any work in Moodle outside of school?
    No-always do as a class
    No-used in centers
    Sometimes-used in school and home assignments
    Yes-make frequent use of outside of school assignments

  1. If you do use Moodle for home assignments, what do you do for kids who do not have a computer at home?
    Provide a long enough time frame for kids to use a school computer
    Advise kids to use computers during advisement
    Advise kids to use computers after school--Extended Learning Centers open until 4:20
    Advise kids to use computers at Richmond Library
    Provide an alternative means of getting the assignment that doesn't require a computer
    I've surveyed my students and all have access at home

  1. Do you have any other feedback regarding question 2? Do you know of any "issues?"

Technology Integration Specialist