Constitutional Wall of Fame

Fill out the following survey to nominate yourself for the Constitutional Wall of Fame.


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  1. I watched the "A More Perfect Union" movie 

  1. I watched the videos on the Principles of the Constitution 

  1. I complete the Principles of Liberty activities. 

  1. I competed the Constitution Line by Line activities. 

  1. I watched the videos and completed the activities on the Declaration of Independence module. 

  1. I watched the videos on the Bill of Rights and completed all of the online games and activities. 

  1. AI understand that after completing all of the activities, games and quizzes I need to call the Online Professor to at 669-333-2800 to take the Oral Exam. 

  1. In order to receive your Certificate of Completion I need your mailing address,

  1. I understand that in order to take the oral exam a donation of $25 is required. 

  1. If you would like to receive a Certificate of Completion, there is a $20 charge.

Online Professor
Keith Broaders
Fort Myers, FL