Milton Full Community Consultation - Ashfield Football Academy

As a valued member of the Milton community, we would love to hear your voice through this survey.

This survey is open to the full community.

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A red asterisk (*) indicates required questions.

  1. What challenges are people in our local community facing that need addressed?*

  1. What type of action / activity do you think Ashfield Football Academy, or a charity connected to Ashfield Football Academy, could engage in within our community?*

  1. Thinking about COVID and the impact it has had on our community, what services can we add now to support vulnerable groups?*

  1. What actions or services do you think local council and its partners (e.g. Police, NHS etc.) can do to improve things for you and your community?*

  1. We plan to be as inclusive in addressing needs within our community as possible. Are there any particular age ranges which this should be focused on in the first instance however, based on current need? (you can select more than one option)*
    Early Years and Primary
    Secondary Age Children

  1. As a valued community member, how can we best engage with you to encourage participation and development in Charitable Aims and Projects? (you can select more than one option)*
    Online Meetings
    Physical Meetings (when allowed)
    Social Media