Tech-Fair QUIA Participants' Survey

Demonstration of several types of survey questions available on QUIA surveys, plus request for anonymous feedback.

Name (optional): 

  1. After the presentation, do you feel you have a (better) understanding of what the different functions of QUIA are?

  1. Which QUIA activities did you try (click all that apply)?
    Word List (Java Games)
    Flash Cards (Java Games)
    Matching (Java Games)
    Concentration (Java Games)
    Word Find (Java Games)
    Challenge Board
    Jumbled Words
    Ordered List
    Picture Perfect
    Scavenger Hunt

  1. Did you access the QUIA Directory to find more activities in your (or other) teaching discipline?

  1. Did you receive enough information about where to get help when you are using/making QUIA materials?

  1. How likely are you to try a QUIA activity with or for your class(es) before Harvest Break? (1=unlikely to use; 2=will try 1 activity; 3=will try 2-3 activities; 4=plan to use once a week; 5=will use more than once a week.
      1 2 3 4 5  
    1= unlikely to use  5 = will use often

  1. Use the rating scale listed in Question 5 above to enter a number to rank the sections of QUIA in order of how likely you are to use them this year.
        1 2 3 4 5
    QUIA Directory to find pre-made activities.  
    Activity templates to make your own activities.  
    Quiz maker/grader.  
    Survey maker.  
    Class Page maker.  

  1. How interested would you be in a follow-up session of 45 minutes after school in the next 2 weeks to get help making actual materials?
    1 = Not interested; feel comfortable trying all functions on my own.
    2 = Would prefer to get help informally if problems occur.
    3 = Would like a mini-workshop to make activities with on-site human help.
    1 2 3

  1. If you rated a follow-up workshop as 3 above, which day of the week is preferable?
    1 = Monday; 2 = Tuesday;
    3 = Wednesday; 4 = Thursday.
    1 2 3 4

  1. Any questions or comments about QUIA or this presentation are welcome.

Mars Hill, ME