C-Test - (Japan)

In the following three texts half of the letters of some words have been taken out. If there is an odd number of letters in the word, then the larger "half" is removed. Your task is to complete the missing words. To answer: 1)highlight the text (using the mouse), 2) right click the highlighted text and select “copy” 3) right click the answer blank below the text and select “paste”. Try to work out the missing letters then complete that word in the blank space provided below (one word per line). If you cannot think of the right word, do not worry. Just skip the blank and go on reading and fill in as many of the words as you can.

次の3つの文章の中には1語の半分が空欄になっている単語が含まれています。奇数のアルファベットから成る単語は単語の半分以上が空欄になっています。最も正しいと思われるアルファベットを空欄に記入し、文章を完成させてください。お答え頂く前に、それぞれの文章をすべてコピーし、文章の下の四角の枠の中に貼り付けてください。(コピーと貼り付け方:1.文章全体を選択 2.右クリックしてコピーを選択 3.四角の枠をクリックした後、右クリックをして貼り付けを選択)その後、あなたの答えをそれぞれの空欄に書き込んでください。適切な単語を思いつかない場合は次に進み、出来るだけ多くの空欄をうめてください。

Here is an example.(例) I am a professional man of letters and wh_____ I w_____ young I tho_____ a typew_____ would b_____ convenient.

Answer (答え) I am a professional man of letters and when I young I thought a typewriter would be convenient.


A red asterisk (*) indicates required questions.

  1. There are many reasons behind the outbreak in sports injuries, but most experts agree on one: the extreme culture of organized youth sports. Gone a_______ the da_______ when chil_______ played a var_______ of ga_______ on sand_______ and playg_______. Child abduc_______ and str_______ crime ha_______ ended cas_______ neighborhood athl_______ in ma_______ places, lea_______ parents t_______ enr_______ their chil_______ in orga_______ sports un_______ the watc_____, though dema_______, eyes o_______ adult volun______ and coa_______. And mov_______ which glo_______ the thrill of victory for young athletes with single-minded dedication to athletic achievement.

    1.上記の文章全体を選択 2.右クリックしてコピーを選択 3.四角の枠をクリックした後、右クリックをして貼り付けを選択。 その後、あなたの答えをそれぞれの空欄に書き込んでください。適切な単語を思いつかない場合は次に進み、出来るだけ多くの空欄をうめてください。*

  1. There are countless ways to fight pollution and waste and become a champion for a clean earth. You m________ know th________ unplugging t________ electronics y________ aren't us________ -- like yo________ VCR, ra________ or mob________ phone cha________ -- and tur________ off t________ power st________ to yo________ computer c________ save ene________ and mo________. But d________ you kn________ that choo________ lo________ native pla________ for yo________ garden, wh________ thrive o________ the nor________ rainfall of your region, can save water? From the simple decisions we all make every day to planning eco-adventures, the power to make the world a cleaner place is in our hands.

    1.上記の文章全体を選択 2.右クリックしてコピーを選択 3.四角の枠をクリックした後、右クリックをして貼り付けを選択。 その後、あなたの答えをそれぞれの空欄に書き込んでください。適切な単語を思いつかない場合は次に進み、出来るだけ多くの空欄をうめてください。*

  1. Many animals never migrate, for they have no need to travel. They find in one area all of the food and shelter they need. They al______ breed a______ raise th______ young th______. Mice, shr______ and rab______ usually ha______ home ran______ that a______ small i______ size, some______ less th______ an ac______. La______ hunting ani______, such a______ wolves, be______ and moun______ lions, ha______ home ran______ that a______ many mi______ long a______ wide. Th______ big me______-eaters travel through their territories as they hunt for prey. They may make regular circuits of the area as they travel.

    1.上記の文章全体を選択 2.右クリックしてコピーを選択 3.四角の枠をクリックした後、右クリックをして貼り付けを選択。 その後、あなたの答えをそれぞれの空欄に書き込んでください。適切な単語を思いつかない場合は次に進み、出来るだけ多くの空欄をうめてください。 *

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