Vought Program Crusader Award Q4 2006 Nomination - (copy)

The Vought Crusader Award is a quarterly award for Vought Program employees.

Individuals who are eligible for this award meet the following criteria: they exhibit those qualities that best exemplify our Corporate Values and our Program Vision to be Provider of Choice. They also perform their duties at a level considered to be above and beyond normal job requirements.

One employee from the Vought Program can be selected quarterly for the “Vought Crusader” award. Nominations for the award can be submitted from any employee and should contain a detailed description of the behavior(s) demonstrated by the nominee.

The Program will select a winner at the beginning of the following quarter. The winner will receive a certificate recognizing this accomplishment. In addition, the winner will receive a monetary award of $200.00.

Thank you for taking the time to recognize your peers for their hard work!

Name (optional): 

  1. I would like to nominate the following employee for the Vought Crusader Award:

  1. I feel this person meets the criteria for the Vought Crusader Award because:

  1. Please give specific examples of how this employee demonstrated the Northrop Grumman Values (Quality, Customer Satisfaction, Leadership, People, Integrity, Suppliers.

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