Reading Profile Survey - (copy)

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A red asterisk (*) indicates required questions.

  1. Knowing how to read is ___________.*
    not very important
    sort of important
    very important

  1. I am a ____________.*

  1. Mark all the strategies you use while reading. *
    graphic organizer
    DCN double column notes
    anticipation guide

  1. I would like for my teachers to read out loud in my classes _______________. *
    every day
    almost every day
    once in a while

  1. I worry about what other kids think about my reading ____________. *
    every day
    almost every day
    once in a while

  1. When I read out loud I am a _______________. *
    poor reader
    OK reader
    good reader
    very good reader

  1. I am ______________.*
    a poor reader
    an OK reader
    a good reader
    a very good reader

  1. When I am reading by myself, I understand _______________. *
    almost everything I read
    some of what I read
    almost none of what I read
    none of what I read

  1. Reading a book is something I like to do.*
    not very often

  1. As an adult, I will spend ____________.*
    none of my time reading
    very little time reading
    some of my time reading
    a lot of my time reading

  1. People who read a lot are _______________.*
    very interesting
    not very interesting

  1. When I choose a book to read for fun, I __________________.*
    always pick one I like
    sometimes pick one I like
    rarely pick one I like

  1. My race/ethnicity is __________________.
    Multi-racial / Multi-ethnic

  1. When my teacher asks me a question about what I have read, I ______________. *
    can never think of an answer
    have trouble thinking of an answer
    sometimes think of an answer
    always think of an answer

  1. I use pre-reading, during reading, and post-reading strategies.*
    I don't know what this means

  1. I tell my friends about good books I read.*
    I never do this
    I almost never do this
    I do this some of the time
    I do this a lot

  1. When I need to find a book for a school project I *
    never ask for help
    often ask for help
    sometimes ask for help
    always ask for help

  1. My friends think I am ____________________. *
    a very good reader
    a good reader
    an OK reader
    a poor reader

  1. I like it when an adult offers to help me find a book. *

  1. I think reading is ________________.*
    a boring way to spend time
    an OK way to spend time
    an interesting way to spend time
    a great way to spend time

  1. Reading is ______________. *
    very easy for me
    kind of easy for me
    kind of hard for me
    hard for me

  1. My best friends think reading is *
    really fun
    OK to do
    no fun at all

  1. When I come to a word I don't know, I am __________.*
    almost always figure it out
    sometimes figure it out
    almost never figure it out
    never figure it out

  1. I think libraries are _____________. *
    a great place to spend time
    an interesting place to spend time
    an OK place to spend time
    a boring place to spend time

  1. When I am in a group talking about what we are reading, I ____________. *
    almost never talk about my ideas
    sometimes talk about my ideas
    almost always talk about my ideas
    always talk about my ideas

  1. I read ______________. *
    not as well as my friends
    about the same as my friends
    a little better than my friends
    a lot better than my friends

  1. When someone gives me a book for a present, I feel ____________.*
    very happy
    sort of happy
    sort of unhappy

  1. Mark all of the following that you do. *
    participate in school reading programs (R.E.A.D., Mark Twain, Silver/Gold)
    read at home
    visit a public library (Mid-Continent)
    have a library card
    visit a book store