Batch 3 - CCR TRACKER - August 04, 2022

This tracker is to anticipate if the call is possible CCR. This is to narrow down the reason and create an immediate action plan for possible CCR.


A red asterisk (*) indicates required questions.

  1. Employee ID:
    ex: 331325*

  1. Full Name (First Name , Last Name)
    ex: Axel Arguelles*

  1. Date (PST Time | MM/DD/YY)
    ex: 08/03/22*

  1. Conversation ID

  1. Itinerary
    ex: 72291108360696*

  1. Call Back number:
    ex: 1-47465474*

  1. Is the concern resolved?*

  1. Possible CCR?*

  1. Reason why do you think it is a CCR?*
    Technical Issue/Disconnected Call
    Agent related
    Costumer related
    Process Related
    No, Resolved

  1. Did you give a call back to the passenger?

  1. Did you do an outbound call?*
    Outbound call to Caller or passenger
    Outbound call to Vendor (Airline, Hotel, Car)
    Outbound call to Tier 3

  1. If you do an outbound call to Airline, Caller, Hotel and Tier 3. Please put the conversation ID of outbound call.*

  1. What is the reason why you do an outbound call?*

  1. If an abound call who did the outbound call?*
    Me (Agent)
    SME Philip
    SME Kelvin
    SME Red
    SME John Mark

  1. If Disconnected call: Did you give send disconnected call or undecided email template to the passenger?*

  1. Remarks why you consider it as CCR? *

  1. If technical issue did you send the screenshot or proof of technical issue to the following email address:*