Teaching Teams Study Group Scheduling - Taylor CC 302

The Teaching Teams Program (TTP) through the UT Learning Center will be sponsoring organized weekly study groups for your course. This survey is designed to find out the best times for us to schedule these study groups. Please complete the following survey so that your preferences are considered in this scheduling process.

For more information on our program, please see the following website:


Please direct any questions to Sarah Lang or Karen Bailey

A red asterisk (*) indicates required questions.

  1. Please enter your name (Last, First), so that we can verify that only students registered for this course are completing the survey.*

  1. Assuming that it fits into your schedule, are you interested in participating in a weekly study group for this course?*

  1. Rank the following days based upon your preference for this study group, with 1 being your most preferred and 6 being your least preferred. Note that study groups will be scheduled for no more than 90 minutes during these time periods.*
        1 2 3 4 5 6
    Sunday afternoon (2pm to 5pm)  
    Sunday evening (5pm and later)  
    Monday (4pm and later)  
    Tuesday (4pm and later)  
    Wednesday (4pm and later)  
    Thursday evening (4pm and later)  

  1. Below are potential times for weekly study groups for your course. Based upon your schedule, which of the following time periods would you be MOST LIKELY to attend a weekly study group? (select all that apply) *
    Sunday 2 to 3:30pm
    Sunday 3 to 4:30pm
    Sunday 4 to 5:30pm
    Sunday 5 to 6:30pm
    Sunday 6 to 7:30pm
    Sunday 7 to 8:30pm
    Monday 4 to 5:30pm
    Monday 5 to 6:30pm
    Monday 6 to 7:30pm
    Monday 7 to 8:30pm
    Tuesday 4 to 5:30pm
    Tuesday 5 to 6:30pm
    Tuesday 6 to 7:30pm
    Tuesday 7 to 8:30pm
    Wednesday 4 to 5:30pm
    Wednesday 5 to 6:30pm
    Wednesday 6 to 7:30pm
    Wednesday 7 to 8:30pm
    Thursday 4 to 5:30pm
    Thursday 5 to 6:30pm
    Thursday 6 to 7:30pm
    Thursday 7 to 8:30pm