Information Request to TMS parents (7th Grade)

We are always striving for more effective and efficient communication tools and procedures to use with parents. We are requesting that you take this very short survey to give us an email address that will enable us to send (non-urgent) messages to you. Although nothing can replace a face to face meeting or a personal phone call when it comes to your child, in some circumstances it is more efficient to send a quick note via email. Thank you for taking a minute of your time to give us this contact information.

  1. Your TMS student's name? (Last name, first name)

  1. In which class is your child enrolled in Life Science? (If you do not enter the correct class, I will change it for you!)
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  1. Parent/guardian email address (most frequently checked)

  1. Parent/guardian name for email address provided (last name, first name)

  1. Comments? Questions? Suggestions?