Internet Safety and GradeQuick-TES

Please have complete this survey by September 6.
Thank you.
K. Cagle & K. Denny

Name (optional): 

  1. After the training did you have an understanding of how to teach your students about Internet Safety?

  1. Would you like an additional one on one or group session to help you become more comfortable with the Internet Safety initiative?

  1. Were the activities helpful in exposing the dangers and planning lessons to incorporate Internet Safety?

  1. Was the Educational Technology Facilitator clear and easy to follow during the Internet Safety training?

  1. Do you feel as if you have a clear understanding of the AUP and how to enforce its guidelines with your students?

  1. What are your suggestions for improvement of the Internet Safety training session?

  1. Do you feel prepared to open rosters and print spreadsheets in GradeQuick?

  1. Was your GradeQuick session appropropriate for your experience level with the program?

  1. Do you feel that you were given a clear understanding of how GradeQuick is calulating grades?

  1. Do you need more one on one training to use GradeQuick effectively? What topics would be of interest to you?

  1. Did your Educational Technology Facilitator effectively communicate the basics of GradeQuick 11?