Development Day Evaluation

Evaluation of Habs Development Day 30th August 2007

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  1. How interesting did you find the two lessons you attended?
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    Limited  Extremely interesting

  1. How useful did you find the lessons in terms of ideas that could be applied to your own teaching?
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    Not very useful  extremely useful

  1. MIDYIS: please rate the quality of the speaker (John Charnley)
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    Poor  Excellent

  1. Please select the answers that represent your views on MIDYIS
    I think that we urgently need access to boys' MIDYIS scores
    I can see the value of MIDYIS data but don't think that we should place too much emphasis on them
    I am unconvinced by the value of MIDYIS data
    I do not consider MIDYIS data to be of any use to our school
    I have a fairly good understanding of the uses of MIDYIS data
    I understand some of the uses of MIDYIS but will require some extra training
    I found the presentation difficult to follow and retained little of it
    All teaching staff need access to MIDYIS data
    Only certain staff need to use MIDYIS data

  1. What form should further MIDYIS training take?
    A more detailed whole-staff Development Day
    Departmental-based training
    Training of tutors in house or year groups
    One member of each department to be trained as a MIDYIS expert

  1. Should MIDYIS data be made available to all staff immediately (before further training takes place)?

  1. Learning Support: Do you have a better understanding of your responsibilities following the session run by CBL and SLM? 

  1. What extra guidance would you like from the Learning Support team?

  1. Please mention briefly any change / innovation that you plan to introduce to your teaching following the discussion on Learning Support.