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Computer Use Survey


  1. With which grades are you involved?

  1. How often does each student use computers at school?
    More than once a day
    2-3 times per week
    Once a week

  1. In what ways do your students use computers?

            1 2 3      
      Drill and practice of keyboarding skills Often Never  
      Word processing as a tool for writing Often Never  
      Using the Internet as a source of information Often Never  
      Using e-mail as a means of communication Often Never  
      Creating a multimedia presentation (i.e. PowerPoint Presentation) Often Never  
      Designing web pages for class projects Often Never  
      Supplementary material/extension of classroom learning Often Never  
      As a reward Often Never  

  1. In what ways do your students use the Internet?

            1 2 3      
      Research Often Never  
      E-mail Often Never  
      WebQuests, teacher-designed searches Often Never  
      News Often Never  
      Games Often Never  

  1. What is your favourite educational software or web site for use with your students? Why?

  1. Which two areas of training in computer technology would be beneficial to you?

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