2007@SNGS-Basic Conversational Malay Evaluation Form-SecONE

Dear pupils, we would greatly appreciate if you could take a few minutes of your precious time in completing this electronic survey. Click on the SUBMIT button only once.
Thank you.

A red asterisk (*) indicates required questions.

  1. I have benefited from the programme.  *

  1. There are examples given to help me understand.  *

  1. The training activities were helpful.  *

  1. The training was delivered in a logical sequence.  *

  1. The duration of the programme was just right.  *

  1. I am able to increase my ability to use the language.  *

  1. The materials were very useful.  *

  1. The materials given were sufficient  *

  1. The teacher was well-prepared.  *

  1. The teacher demonstrated good knowledge.  *

  1. The teacher was able to encourage class participation.  *

  1. Any other comments ?