EAC - Sign-Up October 2007

Please answer ALL questions.



A red asterisk (*) indicates required questions.

  1. Required question: Before you start, you should use the 'EAC Choices Worksheet for Students' from Xiaohang to make draft plans of your choices -- to make sure that

    (1) you have at least one EAC at any given time;
    (2) you have NO time conflicts among the EACs you choose during any week;
    (3) that you have a balanced program; and
    (4) you have shared your EAC worksheet with your Advisor.

    Have you done all of this?? If not, please do these first before filling out the online form!*
    Yes, I have done all of the above 4 things, including speaking with my Advisor

  1. Required question: Please write down your UWCID -- be careful and make sure that it is correct (it should start with 'nc06' or 'nc07').*

  1. Please indicate the EAC's you would like to commit to below. Even though you may not manage to get in all your chosen EAC's, please choose carefully -- this is a COMMITMENT on your part: You are expected to be there if you get in.

    NO changes allowed after you choose below and then you get in!!!
    Amnesty International Group
    Bergum Mottak Service
    Campus Reporters
    Childrens Theatre
    Club for Disabled
    Cummunity Services - Various
    DROP (Do Remember Other People)
    English Tutoring in Flekke
    Fair Trade
    First Aid Team
    Football with the Mentally Challenged
    Friday Ball Games
    Gender And Sexuality Group
    Handy Students
    Haugland Rehabiliteringssenter
    Human Rights Forum
    Just Ice Magazine Group
    Link Group
    Model United Nations
    Outdoor Discovery
    Peer Tutoring
    Performing Arts MUSIC
    SAFUGE - Save The Future Generation of Sierra Leone
    Saharawi Entrepreneurship Committee
    SOS Children's Villages
    Sports/Athletics for Kids in Flekke
    Sterk Theatre Group
    Student Council
    Swimming Course for Beginners and Experienced
    Video Group
    Visiting in Dale
    World Today
    Youth Against Aids
    Youth Leadership Course Development

  1. Required question: Even if you could enroll in all the EAC's you chose above, what is the maximum number of EAC's you want to limit yourself to? You will not be enrolled in more than the limit.  *

  1. Required question: Please write down your first name and your last name.
    Before you submit your form, please check to make sure you have answered ALL questions (including this one!)*