Service Standards Survey - (M Earlywine)

Please answer each question as to how you would respond to each situation, NOT HOW YOU THINK YOU SHOULD BE RESPONDING. Answer as honestly as you can. Thank you.


  1. When having a conversation with co-workers about sensitive information, are you careful that members cannot hear you?
    I always make sure members cannot hear sensitive conversations in public areas.
    I often know if members can hear a sensitive conversation.
    I seldom know if members can hear me.
    I do not watch for members around sensitive conversations.

  1. When speaking on the phone about sensitive member information, are you careful to minimize what other members may be able to hear?
    Members should not be listening to telephone conversations.
    I seldom think about members hearing sensitive information.
    I often know when members can hear sensitive information.
    I am always aware that members should not hear sensitive information that they can link to a specific member.

  1. Do you acknowledge members with a verbal greeting before they greet you?
    I often greet them first
    I always greet members first
    I let the member say hi first when they are ready
    I don't say hi because I am focusing on listening.

  1. Do you make eye contact and smile at members?

  1. Do you ask if there is anything else you can do for the member/co-worker before ending the conversation?
    I often ask if there is anything else I can do.
    I never ask if there is anything else I can do.
    I seldom as if there is anything else I can do.
    I always ask if there is anything else I can do.

  1. Do you thank members/co-workers when ending conversations?
    I always thank people.
    I never say thank you.
    I often thank people.
    I seldom say thank you.

  1. How well do you believe you can refer members/co-workers to the correct source for additional information to a question you don't know the answer to.
    I don't know who or how to refer members.
    I always know who to refer to.
    I often know who can answer a question.
    I seldom know who can answer questions.

  1. How well do you fully listen to members/co-workers information to completely understand their message?
    I like to finish sentences for others.
    I let them completely finish their thoughts before speaking.
    It's a waste of time listening to others.
    I normally let others speak without interrupting.

  1. When asking members to meet with another staff person, do you ask how much time the member has available?
    The member needs to fit into our time schedule.

  1. Do you consistently review member account information to recommend products and services that will benefit that individual member's specific needs?
    I seldom look for ways to help members
    I often look for ways to help members
    I avoid the extra work of helping members
    I always look for ways to help each member.

  1. Do you display enthusiasm to members/co-workers?
    I tolerate people
    I love people
    I like people
    I hate people

  1. Is your personal appearance professional?

  1. Is your workspace organized?
    I can't find my desk top.
    Often organized, others generally know where to find stuff.
    Always organized, anyone can step in & find stuff.
    Somewhat organized, only I know where things are at.

  1. How well do you adapt to changes?
    Please move my cheese, I enjoy the hunt.
    I cannot change.
    I'd rather not do anything different, but I can change rather easily.
    Don't you dare touch my cheese.

  1. Do you smile and present a friendly tone of voice on the phone?
    I try to be friendly but speak too fast.
    I am often grumpy on the phone.
    I am normally friendly.
    I am always very friendly.
    I am not sure how I come across to the members.

  1. Do you recommend alternative staff to speak to if a member asks for a specific staff person that is not currently available?
    I seldom recommend someone else and often send them to voice mail.
    I always encourage that they speak to an alternate person.
    I often recommend an alternative person.
    I do not recommend alternatives.

  1. Do you make popcorn and fill bags when it is being served in the lobby?
    How do you make a batch of popcorn?
    I often pitch in and help.
    It's been months since I made any popcorn for members.
    I always pitch in and help, occasionally taste testing for quality control.

  1. Do you monitor lobbies, sidewalks and restrooms for clean appearance?
    I monitor public areas daily.
    I sometimes look around.
    I seldom watch for items to pick up.
    Is there carpet in the lobby?

  1. Do you watch for members that need assistance, such as holding a heavy container of coin?
    Always, I like to show little kids how the coin counter works.
    Often, members appreciate the quick service
    Seldom, the coin usually isn't that heavy anyway.
    Never, it's good exercise for little kids to hold coin.

  1. If there is a line in the lobby, do you ask other staff how you can pitch in to assist staff or members?
    Never, it's not my job.
    Often, I can usually adjust what I am doing.
    Always, members and co-workers are the most important thing I have to take care of.
    Seldom, I am very busy.

  1. When paged to meet with a member, do you walk to the lobby/receptionest desk to greet the member.
    I greet every member waiting for me with eyecontact and a hand shake but wait at my workstation for them.
    I greet every member waiting for me with eye contact and a hand shake in the lobby.
    Members enjoy the challenge of finding my workspace based on directions given to them.
    I like to ask who the member is before agreeing to come to the lobby.

  1. Do you utilize the credit Union's standarized phone greeting when answering the phone?

  1. Do you let appropriate staff know where you are when you leave your work station?

  1. Do you welcome members to the credit union when they enter the building?
    Members don't want to be interrupted and possibly forget what they came into the credit union for.
    I often greet just the members I know.
    I always say hello to every member I can greet.
    I seldom greet members because that is the receptionist's job.

  1. Do you know the general length of time someone has been a member based on their account number?
    I generally know when an account was opened by the account number and approximately what number each office is currently issuing.
    I know the account number sequence for each office.
    I know each office has different account number sequences but not sure what numbers go to each office.
    I have no idea how account numbers are assigned to members.

  1. How proficient are you at assisting members with safe deposit box access?
    I do not know where the key is for the vault day gate.
    Sometimes need guidance on the process.
    Completely familiar with safe deposit box access.
    Often need guidance / I need some additional training.

  1. How familiar are you with counting coin for members?
    Do not need assistance; I can replace bags on the machine.
    Scared to death of the coin counter.
    Seldom need assistance; I don't know how to replace the bags.
    Often need assistance, not sure how to turn machine on.