2008 Varina HS ESL Accommodations -

Please indicate which accommodations you are using in your class for your ESL student. Please do this survey one time for EACH ESL student you have. Also, please don't hesitate to contact me if you need help with or suggestions for implementing these accommodations.


  1. The ESL student I am doing these accommodations for is:
    Obed Hernandez
    Ivan Ortiz
    Xiu Mei Lin
    Xiu Zhi Lin
    Jose Lemus
    Yana Karass
    Noel Elionai
    Rosa Elionai
    Evenson Merant
    Yfozia Merant
    Yulissa Gonzalez
    Eder Barragan
    Eliser Calata
    Jose Marin
    Y. J. Zheng
    Linli Xu

  1. I teach ..... (subject)

  1. The accommodations the student uses in my class are: (you may select multiple answers)
    Flexible schedule (breaks and multiple sessions)
    Small Group Size
    Environment Modifications (study carrel or noise buffer)
    Assistance with directions (simplifying or clarifying)
    Reading in English of test items (ESL teacher can help arrange this)
    Audiotape version of test items
    Pictorial/Graphic Presentation/Clarification of concepts
    Math Aides (manipulatives, etc.)
    Spelling Aides: spell checker, spelling dictionary
    Bilingual Dictionary (if the student is literate in their first langauge)

  1. Please feel free to add any questions, comments, or concerns that you have about this student! Let me know if you need ANYTHING including help modifying a lesson for your ESL student.

  1. What is this student's approximate current grade in your class? 

  1. Do you or anyone in your department offer tutoring that the student could attend to better his/her grade in your class?

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