Read the following scenario and answer the questions below

The manager of Acme Widget’s Incorporated notes that assembly line workers always appear to be working productively when she walks through the area, yet overall quarterly production of the assembly plant is lower than she expected it to be. She hires a research team to discover what might be influencing the rate of production. It is the manager’s habit to walk through the production area at twenty minutes after the hour, every hour and then return to her office. The researchers observe that production increases at 15 minutes after the hour and steadily drops off at 35 minutes after the hour. They thought that possibly the increase in production was due to the presence of the boss. They decided to test their idea by having the boss walk in at random times during the hour. They measured work production 5 minutes before and again 5 minutes after each time she walked through the workplace. They found that the amount of work had increased after she had walked through. They concluded that the presence of the supervisor was related to the amount of work produced.

Name (optional): 

1. What was the researcher’s hypothesis?

2. What was the independent variable?

3.What was the dependent variable?

4. Assuming you were the manager, knowing the findings of this research, what influence might this research have on the way you manage your people at work?

5. How could the findings of this research influence people in general?

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