Dealing with behaviour in the classroom

Educational Issue for 7307

Name (optional): 

  1. Have you experienced behaviour problems with students during your time as a teacher ?
    Yes -Occasionally
    Yes- Often
    Yes-All the time

  1. What subject do you teach ?

  1. What age range/area do you teach?
    16-19 Sixth Form
    16-19 Foundation
    16-19 Vocational Programmes
    16-19 A Level
    Adult Education
    Higher Education
    Training For Business

  1. Do you find that generally student behaviour has deteriorated over the time that you have been teaching?
    Yes- a small change
    Yes - substantially
    No change

  1. What kind of bad behaviour have you experienced (if any)?
    Use of mobile phones
    Eating and drinking during classes
    Talking constantly
    Lack of attention or concentration
    Answering back
    Using bad language
    Violent behaviour to teachers
    Lack of work
    Disrupting other people
    Consistent Lateness
    Not listening to instruction
    Any other- please state.

  1. Out of the following choices, rank in order, those aspects of poor behaviour that cause most disruption to your lessons.
        1 2 3 4 5 6 7
    Mobile phone use  
    Rudeness and bad language  
    Lack of attention/concentration  

  1. How would you rate the extent of poor behaviour that you are currently experiencing in the classroom? 1 Good Behaviour - 9 Very disruptive behaviour.
    1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9

  1. What techniques have you adopted to help solve the problems you have encountered?
    Removal of student from the class
    Giving discipline notices to students
    Ignoring the behaviour
    Communicating with the "offender" in class
    Finding reasons for the behaviour
    Changing Classroom Layouts
    Altering the classroom activities
    Providing more problem solving activities
    Changing teaching techniques
    Discussing privately the problem with the student
    Making an example of the student in front of the class
    Giving the student extra support
    Physical expression-Looking cross/Crossed Arms/Looking stern
    Ignore the students who are causing problems
    Other please state

  1. Do you find that dealing with this kind of behaviour is ;
    A normal part of being a teacher
    Not a problem
    Develops your skill as a teacher
    Not what you expected teaching to be about.