Maggie Walker Governor's School 2008 Spring "JV" Tournament

This tournament will be Sat. April 26 at MLWGS in Richmond, VA. The tournament is open to any team whose players are not on a team that has qualified for NAQT or PACE Nationals. This rule will only be applied to junior and senior players. The questions will be somewhat easier that those at our Fall GSAC tournament, but should offer sufficient challenge to most players who attend. The questions will be pyramidal (multiple clues that become easier as the question progresses). Each round will consist of 20 questions with (up to) 30-point bonus questions. The exact structure of the pairings will depend in part on the number of teams participating. But, we expect every team to play at least 5 or 6 rounds. The cost will be $50 for the first team from each school and $45 for each team thereafter. We offer a $10 discount for a working buzzer system and a $5 discount for each school that registers by April 14 and a $5 discount for one-way travel over 100 miles. ($30 minimum for a team). We will sell our questions for $10.


A red asterisk (*) indicates required questions.

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