Questionnaire on the Audio-Visual Clips for Lesson 8

(Anonymous Survey)

(#I-1)Are you a heritage speaker or non-heritage speaker?

(#I-2)What is your WEAKNESS in Chinese? (Choose all that apply)

(#I-3) What other opportunities do you have to practice and use Chinese outside of the classroom?
With family
With friends

(#II-1) What it your first time to use this type of web-based or mobile-assisted audio-visual clips for your foreign langauge learning?

(#II-2) Did you have an iPod or other similar mobile device to download the clips?

(#II-3)How did you use those clips?
Viewed directly from the Web
Downloaded to a local computer to view offline
Downloaded to your mobile phone or iPod
Mixed methods including a mobile device
Mixed methods without a mobile device
None of the above

(#II-4)Which method(s) did you prefer?
Online viewing directly
Offline viewing from a laptop or destop
Viewing from an iPod or mobile phone
None of the above

(#II-5a) What was your viewing/listening strategy?
Followed the directions as closely as possible
Used a random method without following the directions
Developed own methods that worked better
None of the above

(#II-5b) If you selected the third or fourth answer above, briefly explain.

(#II-6) For preview the lesson, how many times did you listen to /view the clips?
1 time
1-2 times
2-3 times
more than 3 times

(#II-7) How did you do it during the preview?
Listening only
Alternating listening and viewing
Selective listening or viewing
Always viewing
More viewing than listening alone
More listening than viewing
Skipping some
None of the above

(#II-8) Did you find viewing the Chinese text while listening helpful in improving your reading ability?
Yes, very
Not much
Not at all
Not sure

(#II-9a) Which clips did you like? (Choose all that apply)
Vocab flashcards
Grammar and sentence patterns
Dialogue/Narrative text

(#II-9b) Which clips did you dislike? (Choose all that apply)
Vocab flashcards
Grammar and sentence patterns
Dialogue/Narrative text

(#III-1) Which area(s) did you make improvement as a result of using the clips? (Choose all that apply)
Pronunciation and tones
Vocab recognition and retention
Accuracy and/or fluency in speaking
Grammar and sentence structures
Character reading
None of the above

(#III-2) If you made or did not make improvements, what do you think might be the reasons?

(#III-3) What suggestions would you like to make to improve the audio-visual clips?

Thank you for your time. Your feedback will greatly help us improve our future teaching designs! (You may add any comments below)