2009 USATestprep Subscriber Survey

We are very interested in your feedback about the site. What is it that you value? What do you think can be improved? Based on your feedback from last year’s survey, we:

  • authored thousands of new questions,
  • developed our new benchmark feature,
  • added a new section-specific game, "Catch the Naughty, Diploma-Stealing Chicken", and
  • merged daily teacher emails and included an improved data reporting section.

We want to ensure we continue to help your students succeed and offer the best review product possible. Completing this survey will earn you a chance at one of three $50 Target Gift Certificates.

Rules for your chance to win the one of three $50 Target Gift Certificates:

  • Survey must be completed in full.
  • You must be an educator and current customer of USATestprep.
  • You must have your survey completed by 5/8/09.

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  1. Here are a few features that we are considering developing. Please rate each one based on how much you feel your school would value and use the feature.*

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      Individual Student and Teacher Login Strongly Desire Wouldn't be Useful  
      Topic/Standard-Specific Instruction Strongly Desire Wouldn't be Useful  
      Class-Wide Projector Game Strongly Desire Wouldn't be Useful  
      Credit Recovery Modules Strongly Desire Wouldn't be Useful  
      Response to Intervention Solutions Strongly Desire Wouldn't be Useful  
      Individual Teacher Data Page Strongly Desire Wouldn't be Useful  

  1. What other new features or improvements would you like to see on the site?

  1. What other products (print/online) do you use to prepare your students and how do they compare with USATestprep?*

  1. Considering the current economy and your school's budget constraints in the coming school year, is your school considering cutting USATestprep funding? *

  1. If you answered "Yes" to #10, what realistic steps could USATestprep take to keep your school as a customer?

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  1. Feel free to include any other general feedback or comments you wish to share regarding USATestprep and its review website. In completing this section, you agree to allow USATestprep to use your comments in its Testimonials section.