Additional Classroom Desktops

Please fill out the brief survey to request additional desktops to be placed in your classroom. Desktops will be placed in classrooms based on the following criteria:
1. The desktops will be used regularly throughout the week by students for schoolwork.
2. There is adequate space and furniture to accommodate the computer(s). (We cannot supply furniture.)
3. There is a network connection and electrical power.
If the above criteria is met we will begin to get the additional desktops into classrooms throughout September and October.


A red asterisk (*) indicates required questions.

  1. Building  *

  1. Room Number*

  1. Please write a brief response below as to why you are requesting the additional computer(s). Please indicate IF your response is part of a grade level or building wide initiative that needs greater computer access. *

  1. Number of requested computers  *

  1. Network Connection, if you are not sure what that is please indicate that and we will help.*
    An open Network Connection (Drop) is available in the area where I want the computer located
    Network Connection what is that?

  1. Electric, power, if you are not sure what that is please indicate that and we will help.
    I have an open electrical outlets available in the area I want the computer(s)
    Not sure about electric power?

  1. Furniture, you're on your own.
    I have adequate furniture space to put the computer on.
    I don't have a furniture but I understand I will need to obtain something.