Science IQ - What do you know?

Please answer the questions to the best of your ability. All 10 questions are mandatory - that means you cannot skip one or leave it blank. Once you have completed the survey, click on the submit answers button.
You will only have one opportunity to complete the survey in 30 minutes.


A red asterisk (*) indicates required questions.

  1. You will be in one of the following science classes this term: Earth Science, Biology or Environmental Science. Do you prefer reading about science from the textbook and doing science through project activities?*

  1. Do you prefer to read your science textbook from an actual book or from an online textbook?*

  1. Do you have access to a computer, with internet connection, at home for at least 1 hour each night?*

  1. Are you familiar with a computer enough to access a website and follow directions?*

  1. Do you have an email address that could be used for school work?*

  1. Science is a combination of learning about what has already been found out (research) and exploring what you do not know (scientific method). Choose the answer that describes your science ability.*
    I read, take notes, and study those notes for exams.
    I read and listen but do not do notes or study.
    I might read or take notes but I don't study.
    I don't read, take notes or study.
    I don't care.

  1. Science needs to be "done" to be learned. We will be doing science projects and labs. Pick the best response to describe your science lab abilities.*
    I can work with a partner and complete a lab in 90 min.
    I don't want to work with anyone.
    I can work with a team to complete a 90 min. lab.
    I would rather do projects on my own.
    I don't do labs or projects.

  1. Depending on your answers above, there will be several technology projects due each 9 weeks and they make up a major part of your grade. Think about what you want to get out of this course and list at least 2 projects that you might want to do for your assignments.*

  1. Depending on the course you are taking, quite a number of labs are food based. If you are allergic to any type of foods or items that might be present in the classroom, please list those items. If you have no allergies, please indicate - no allergies.*

  1. If there are topics that you want to know more about, please list them here. *

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