Physician Incentive Survey

L.A. Care needs your assistance to improve our Rewarding Results Physician Incentive and Member Incentive Programs. Please take a little time to complete this brief (3-minute) survey about physician and member incentives to let us know how our programs are doing.

Please return this at your earliest convenience - no later than Tuesday, September 2, 2009.

Participation is voluntary, and your responses are CONFIDENTIAL and WILL NOT affect your relationship with L.A. Care in any way. Please also note that this survey is different from the more comprehensive annual Provider Satisfaction Survey which will be administered in October 2008.

If you have any questions regarding this survey, please contact Penny Saephan at (213) 694-1250 Ext. 4262.

Your input is extremely valuable to L.A. Care and we appreciate the time you take to complete this survey. Thank you for your participation.

A red asterisk (*) indicates required questions.

  1. Physician license number:*

  1. Are you aware of L.A. Care's Rewarding Results Physician Incentive Program?

  1. IF "yes": how did you hear about L.A. Care's Physician Incentive Program? (Check all that apply)
    Received printed materials
    Heard about it from other providers
    Attended an L.A. Care event
    Spoke with L.A. Care staff
    Spoke with L.A. Care Provider Relations staff
    Received payment
    L.A. Care Connect (Provider Portal)
    Progress Notes

  1. Have you or your employer received payment for the Physician Incentive Program?
    Don't Know

  1. Has the Physician Incentive Program changed the way you provide services?

  1. IF "yes": how has the program changed the way you provide services?

  1. Do you feel incentive programs improve utilization of preventive services and quality of care?

  1. Does the Physician Incentive Program influence your decision to be part of L.A. Care's network?

  1. L.A. Care's Well Baby and Well Child Member Incentive programs reward members with movie tickets or gift cards for getting well-care visits. Do you think these member incentive programs motivate members to seek preventive care?
    Don't know

  1. Please add any testimonials you are willing to share and your suggestions to improve the Member and Physician Incentive Programs: