Obama Energy Policy Teleconference Registration

NA-YGN members will have a unique opportunity to participate in a live teleconference with Jason Grumet, Senior Energy Advisor for the Obama Campaign. This teleconference will allow Mr. Grumet to explain the Obama Energy Policy and allow NA-YGN members to ask questions about the policy.

Because of technical limits for the teleconference line and since NA-YGN expects this to be a well attended event, attendance will be based off of a first come/first served registration process. NA-YGN would like to encourage people to congregate in groups at their home locations to optimize the number of NA-YGN members who can participate.
Please complete the registration survey below. Prior to the call, the selected registrants will be notified of the secure teleconference procedure.

NA-YGN is very excited about this opportunity and hopes it leads to further interactions between nuclear energy professionals and policy makers.


A red asterisk (*) indicates required questions.

  1. Email Address*

  1. Phone Number*

  1. What Company/Organization do you Work for? (example: Duke Power)

  1. What Site or Location do you work at? (example: McGuire)

  1. Are you registering a group or local chapter for this teleconference?

  1. If Yes to Question 5, how many people do you expect to congregate for the call at your location?

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