WRITTEN PROFICIENCY (Profiling for Written Media) Set 5


  1. PART 1

    Fill out the boxes with the answers to the corresponding items. Use Solution Wizard as appropriate for this issue. Answer the questions in complete sentences for the responses:

    Customer’s Problem: My favorites list is empty. But when I check my favorites from work, it shows up.
    OS: Windows XP
    MSN Version: MSN 9.6
    Type of Connection: Dial-up
    1st Contact

    Paraphrasing response to the customer

  1. Empathy response to the customer

  1. Possible probing questions to ask the customer

  1. Setting Expectations to the customer (i.e., Probable Causes, Overview of steps)

  1. Write a numbered outline and the detailed instructions that you will provide the customer to troubleshoot the issue. (Use SW or VKB to copy/paste your instructions. Customize your steps for the customer according to their system information. Be wary of inserting comments that are not necessary for the customer to know).

  1. Write your SIR notes in the space provided?

  1. What is the Issue Classification for this issue? (Coding)

  1. What is the MSN Case Status for the issue?

  1. After using SW and adding the path to a dummy SR, paste the SW path in the space provided:

  1. PART 2
    In the box provided, indicate what your exact response will be to the customer’s comments or to the scenario.

    You found out that there is an existing escalated ticket because of a provisioning issue and the customer has contacted on the 7th business day from the time it was escalated.

    How are you going to deliver the message that it is still left in pending resolution?

  1. “Why should I disable my firewall? I don't want to be unprotected.”

  1. “Can you just send me an e-mail of the steps I need to perform?”

  1. “Your last agent screwed up on my issue!”

  1. "I wish that person who hacked my account gets caught! I feel like someone peeked at my underwear drawer!"

  1. You found out that the customer has a cancelled Qwest Broadband with MSN Premium subscription. He is now subscribed to Windows Live Hotmail Plus. But when the customer logs in to his e-mail account it still appears as Qwest. Write a response to deliver the appropriate message to the customer.

  1. Is it OK to say "Good Job!" to the customer? Explain your answer.