CUMC Lay Leaders' Question of the Month - November 2008

Your lay leaders are interested in your thoughts about our church. This month our question gives you a chance to tell us one way you would change CUMC to improve your church's ability to help you grow spiritually so together we can make disciples for Jesus Christ, minister effectively to our own, and serve in mission to others. Please take a few moments to answer this month's question. There is a place to include your name and/or e-mail address, but that is entirely optional. Thank you for your time. Yours in Christ, Bonnie Young and Ray Leonard

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  1. So we can better understand your feedback, please tell us which service you attend most frequently.

  1. How often do you attend Sunday worship?
    Less than once a month
    Once a month
    2-3 times a month
    More than 3 times a month

  1. Which of the following best describes you?
    Child: 1st - 6th grade
    Youth: 7th - 12th grade
    Adult: 19-29
    Adult: 30-39
    Adult: 40-49
    Adult: 50-59
    Adult: 60-69
    Adult: 70+

  1. November Lay Leader Question of the Month If you could change one thing about CUMC what would it be? Please tell us why.*