Demo Evaluation

Please be honest in your answers.


  1. Explain one thing you LEARNED. Be specific - don't just say for example, density. I am looking for complete sentences.

  1. Give at least one positive comment - write in complete sentences.

  1. Did you understand what the demo was about? 

  1. Could you hear the person during the presentation?  

  1. Eye contact?  

  1. Did they relate their research to their project very well?
    The research was exactly what the demonstration was about.
    The research related some to the demonstration.
    The research was a far stretch from the experiment.
    What research??? I didn't hear any.

  1. Did you hear how this topic relates to real life?
    Yes I heard both examples and they both related to the experiment.
    I heard 2 examples but only 1 related to the topic.
    I only heard 1 example and it did relate to the topic.
    I only heard 1 example and it did NOT relate to the topic.
    They totally forgot to discuss this.