D Block PSA Feedback

The purpose of this survey is to provide you with the opportunity to assess your own and your group's progress in completing the PSA. Please answer all questions honestly; they will be kept strictly confidential. [Note: You get full credit for completing the survey.]


A red asterisk (*) indicates required questions.

  1. Who else is in your group?*

  1. What topic did your group decide on using for the PSA?*

  1. Are you comfortable with the topic? In other words, if the topic was not one that you initially liked, supported, or even thought about, are you still okay with it?*

  1. How would you rate the fairness of the process your group used to decide on the topic?*
      1 2 3  
    Very Fair  Very Unfair

  1. How far into the process is your group?*
    Almost finished
    Shooting video/getting stills
    Figuring out what to do

  1. How confident are you that your group will finish on time?*
      1 2 3  
    Very confident  Not at all confident

  1. Thinking back over the process, did you have a clear idea of what your role was in producing the PSA?*

  1. Have you felt that your ideas were listened to?*

  1. Is there anything else--positive or negative--that you want to pass along about how your group is working together or how your project is progressing?*

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Concord-Carlisle Regional High School
Concord, MA