Customer Service Representative - Karen Cox (agent) - (2008 YR end)

CSR surverys

Name (optional): 

  1. How often do you contact the CSR for assistance? 

  1. The American Express Customer Service Representative (CSR) is professional and courteous 

  1. Follows through on his/her commitments to me 

  1. The CSR responds quickly to urgent requests/needs 

  1. There has been opportunity to provide feedback and the CSR responds appropriately 

  1. The CSR displays a good awareness of customer needs 

  1. The CSR responds to my questions / concerns in a timely manner 

  1. The CSR is willing to learn new things and accepts challenges to grow within the position 

  1. The CSR is accessible and available when needed 

  1. Overall, I am satisfied with the performance of the Customer Service Representative 

  1. Please feel free to add any comments below. Your feedback is a valuable tool to consistently improve our level of service.