SAS 9.2 Multi-Platform Deployment Lab 13JAN

We rely on your feedback so that we can refine and improve our training program. This form gives us insight into our impact on your knowledge and skill levels and also allows for feedback on our instructors and material.

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  1. Please indicate how strongly you agree or disagree with the following (please note that a 1 = Strongly DISAGREE and a 5 = Strongly AGREE):

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      The lab meets the specified objectives strongly DISagree strongly agree  
      The lab is well organized strongly DISagree strongly agree  
      The instructor provides clear and complete answers to questions strongly DISagree strongly agree  

  1. Ratings

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      What is your overall rating of the instructor? poor excellent  
      What is your overall rating of the lab? poor excellent  

  1. If you rated the lab less than a 4, please explain how it might be improved:

  1. What was the best thing about this lab? Anything you would change or add to the lab?

  1. What is your biggest benefit from attending this training? How will you use the knowledge gained in this course for your job?

  1. Why did you attend this lab?

  1. The overall length of the lab is
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    too long

  1. The complexity of exercises is
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    too deep

  1. Was the lab a good way to learn about the 9.2 multi-platform deployment process?

  1. During this lab, some tasks (such as the software install for the SAS Application Server and Client machines) were done for you before class. Did this detract from your learning experience?

  1. If you answered YES to the previous question, which tasks should be changed so you do them for yourself in the lab?

  1. Are there tasks that you would have liked for us to do for you, instead of making it a part of the lab experience? If so, what?

  1. Any additional comments?

  1. Training Room Environment Ratings

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      What is your overall rating of the comfort of the learning environment (the chairs, table layout, etc.)? Poor Great  
      What is your overall rating of the visual aspect of the classroom (the ability to read the display on the screen)? Poor Great  

  1. If the training room environment can be improved upon, please explain how it might be enhanced: