Outcomes Assessment Award Team Nomination (Department, Program or Prefix)

The Assessment of Student Learning Outcomes Awards are given each spring to those faculty and departments/prefixes and programs that promote assessment of student learning outcomes within the college and among peers. The team award is designed to recognize a group of faculty members whose combined efforts have significantly contributed to Department, Prefix or Program assessment activities.

The Outcomes Assessment Committee has determined that self-nominations are highly acceptable for this team award. All nominations should be accompanied with supporting letters from all or any of the following:

• Colleagues
• Academic Deans
• Students

All nominations and letters of support should describe specific examples related to each of the stated team criteria. Fill out the answers, write your nomination narrative below and submit. Please forward all letters of support by January 30th to:

The Outcomes Assessment Committee
FOC 9, Room 108B.

Questions or Clarification: Contact Lynn Bradman (hbradman@mccneb.edu), CLEAR Coordinator, 457-2217,

  1. Who are the team members?

  1. Team Leader’s or Contact Person’s Address:

  1. Team Leader’s/Contact Person’s Phone Number:

  1. Nominees’ Department/Prefix /Program:

  1. Nominee'sDepartment/Prefix /Program:

  1. Nominator(s):

  1. Nominator’s Address(es):

  1. Nominator’s Phone Number(s):

  1. The team demonstrates a strong understanding of assessment, utilizes a current outcomes assessment matrix, and has a recent assessment matrix on file in their academic dean’s office or other administrative office where appropriate.

  1. The team members exhibit positive attitudes when discussing assessment issues.

  1. The team actively promotes the assessment of student learning outcomes.

    o How is the responsibility for assessing student learning shared?
    o In what ways has this team promoted the understanding of assessment?

  1. The team continues to develop methods of assessment.

  1. The team cooperates with related faculty, the Outcomes Committee, and the administration in assessment activities.

  1. The team use assessment feedback to improve student learning as evidenced by curriculum development and change.

    o What evidence can be noted that demonstrates how well students have achieved the stated learning outcomes?
    o How does the team evaluate the effectiveness of their efforts to improve student learning?
    o What actions have been taken by the department/prefix/program as the result of outcomes assessment activities?