Faculty and Staff Intentions for 2009-10 School Year

I am gathering preliminary information to use for planning for next year. Please respond below indicating the statement that best describes your current intentions for next year.


  1. What is your current intention for next year (2009-10)?
    I plan to return to CHES for the 2009-10 school year.
    I plan to request a transfer to another school in Gwinnett County, but plan to return to CHES if I don't get my transfer request.
    I do not plan to return to work in Gwinnett next year (Examples: moving, family leave, retirement, sabbatical, won the lottery, etc.)
    Other? Please specify in Question #2 below.

  1. If you answered "other" in question #1 above, please elaborate below. You may also use this space if you have a question or comment.