YCSD Online Professional Development End of Course Survey

This final survey will provide information to help determine whether this session was beneficial. The information will be used to improve the session for future participants.

Please answer the questions provided and thank you for your participation!

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  1. What professional development course are you currently getting ready to complete?*
    Classroom Assessment Enhanced by Technology
    Cooperative Learning: Moving Beyond Group Work
    No Excuses! Closing the Achievement Gap
    Technology in Schools: Teaching Better
    Thinking Maps and Graphic Organizers
    Vocabulary: It's More Than Just Having Students Define Words
    What's Your Style? Using Differentiation to Engage Learners
    You Mean I Have to Teach Them to Read Too?

  1. Based on your expectations for this session, rate your experience.*
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    This session did not meet my expectations  This session exceeded my expectations

  1. Please rate how effective your facilitator was at communicating with participants.*
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    Not effective  Extremely effective

  1. Do you have any additional comments about the way this session was facilitated?

  1. On average, approximately how many hours per week did you spend on session activities and participation?*
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    3 hours
    4 hours
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    more than 5 hours

  1. How could this session be improved?

  1. Was Moodle easy to navigate?*

  1. Were the deadlines fair and appropriate?*

  1. Was the pacing guide helpful?*

  1. What time of day did you usually work on the course?*
    Late at night

  1. Would you consider taking another online course?*

  1. For you personally, what were the advantages of participating in an online session (for example, versus a face-to-face seminar)? (Check all that apply)*
    Could work according to own schedule
    Didn't have to travel
    Ongoing connections to own classroom practice
    Exposure to diverse perspectives
    Opportunity to collaborate with peers
    More time to be reflective
    Ability to read and post messages at own pace, without interrupting others
    Opportunity to review discussion archives and summaries
    Opportunity to experience using technology as a learner
    Internet resources could be bookmarked for future reference and easy access

  1. What did you find most valuable about this session?*

  1. Thank you for taking the time to provide feedback. Your responses will be used to improve future online professional development opportunities. Do you have any additional comments or suggestions?