GDS IOI Topic Survey

Greensboro Day IOI Topic Survey


  1. Please select any topics which you feel would be good topics for the 2004-2005 IOI retreat.
    Diversity: Revisit the topic of diversity at Greensboro Day School
    Critical Eye on the Media: A follow-up of the 2002 retreat topic. (Remember Leonard Pitts, Jr.?)
    Independent Learning: This is one of our SIP goals for the year. Closely aligned with this topic is Schools Attuned. Learning differences could also be a topic.
    Citizenship: A creative presentation could be initiated with our social studies department focusing on topics of citizenship including kids vote, community service, etc.
    Focus on our Faculty and Experiential Education: Educate the family on what all the divisions are doing and what is being learned by students on the experiential learning programs/trips. The evening session would be devoted to “focus on the faculty.” The Friday session would be a symposium by the divisions on what their programs are and what the students are gaining from the trips.

  1. Please list any additional topics you feel would be good topics for the retreat.