Best Practices Expo Registration

Calling all technology-savvy among us!!!!!!! March 27th is a Teacher Planning Day. We have 3 hours for professional development and we have designated a portion of the time to showcase our best practices this year. If you will like to demonstrate a great lesson and show samples of your students’ product, please contact me right away! The format allows for four 20-minute demonstrations to rotating groups of teachers. You may register as a PLC or as an individual. Please register below.


  1. Name of Teacher or Teachers

  1. Name of your PLC

  1. Title of Lesson Demonstrated

  1. Please let us know if you need inservice points for your demonstration.

  1. Brief description of lesson (Description will be included in a brochure.)

  1. What equipment do you need for your presentation?
    LCD Projector
    Document Camera
    Promethean Board
    Promenthean Slate
    DVD Player

  1. List any other equipment you might need not listed above.

English Instructor
Miramar High School