West Broward High Student Needs Assessment 2009-2010

Student Needs Assessment 2009-2010 West Broward School



Name (optional): 

  1. Grade Level 

  1. The school focuses on teaching and learning. 

  1. Teachers are concerned that I learn the subject they teach.  

  1. Teachers provide me with the help and encouragement I need with class assignments. 

  1. I am encouraged by my teachers to get involved in school activities. 

  1. Students are involved in planning activities at West Broward High. 

  1. I feel Guidance Counselors are knowledgeable about planning for my future. 

  1. The media personnel are helpful and supportive to students. 

  1. The media center is available before and after school and adequately meets my needs. 

  1. I feel like I “fit in” at West Broward High School.  

  1. Parental participation in school activities/functions is satisfactory. 

  1. I feel safe at school. 

  1. The A/B schedule meets my educational needs.  

  1. I like West Broward High School. 

  1. I am aware of the after school tutoring for students. 

  1. I am aware of BRACE services.