Self Study: Representative Payee

Please provide your anonymous feedback below. You are the best judge of how effective your training session was. Your opinion is important and can be used to enhance future training sessions.

  1. Content Evaluation

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      Content was relevant to Achieva's guidelines and policies. Strongly disagree Strongly agree  
      Content was relevant and appropriate for the target audience (not too challenging, not too easy). Strongly disagree Strongly agree  
      Activities and scenarios were relevant and added value to the learning experience. Strongly disagree Strongly agree  

  1. Miscellaneous

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      Information transfered well in this self study module. (computer based.) Strongly disagree Strongly agree  
      Content covered all of the basic questions about this service that I have at this time. Strongly disagree Strongly agree  

  1. What did you like best about this training?

  1. What is one fact you learned this session? (Be detailed)

  1. Additional Comments:

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