Teacher of the Year - 2008-2009

  1. Students: Teacher Appreciation Week is coming up soon. Each of you probably has your own personal "Teacher of the Year," the person at ROMS who has made your year a positive experience. Please take a moment to help provide your favorite teacher with a special "Teacher Appreciation" gift.

    Which teacher at ROMS, past or present, would be your pick for your personal "Teacher of the Year"?
    Mr. Benkoski
    Ms. Boudreau
    Ms. Branyon
    Ms. Britt-Keitt
    Ms. Bryant
    Ms. Davis (Barbara)
    Ms. Davis (Laura)
    Ms. Engle
    Ms. Fidler
    Mr. Floyd
    Ms. Ford
    Mr. Glickman
    Ms. Grinsteinner
    Ms. Hamblin
    Ms. Hammock
    Mr. Hinson
    Ms. Horne
    Mr. Huser
    Ms. Johnson
    Ms. Jones
    Ms. Kenny
    Ms. Krutsch
    Ms. Lamon
    Ms. Laska
    Ms. Hornick
    Ms. Mandel
    Ms. McKenzie
    Ms. McLeod
    Mr. Moschel
    Mr. Neikirk
    Ms. Olin
    Ms. Pomilio
    Ms. Richards
    Ms. Russell
    Mr. Sauer
    Ms. Schmitt
    Mr. Sewald
    Ms. Smith
    Ms. Sotolongo
    Ms. Spafford
    Mr. Stein
    Mr. Tack
    Mr. Taylor
    Ms. Thill
    Ms. Turner
    Ms. Ward
    Ms. Williams
    Ms. Womack
    Ms. Wooten

  1. Question 2: Why did you pick this teacher? Teachers really enjoy reading your comments. :0) (NOTE: Your name is NOT attached to this. It will be anonymous.)