Technology Assessment

In an effort to maximize your time and minimize your suffering, I am trying to tailor future technology trainings to meet your needs and interests. I have listed some possible topics for trainings below. Please respond by rating yourself from 1-4 using the following scale:

1= Armchair Quarterback; I do not use/understand this technology
2= Amateur; I occasionally use this technology, but not to its full potential
3= Minor League; I use this technology and am comfortable with it
4= Pro; I fully understand this technology and use it regularly

Name (optional): 

  1. Rank these items:

          1 2 3 4    
      Internet Searching   
      Microsoft Word   
      Scanner, Digital Camera   
      Google Apps   
      Google Earth   
      Discovery (United) Streaming   
      Wikis and Collaborative Learning Tools   
      Podcasting and iTunes in the Classroom   
      Edusoft/TAKS Data Disaggregation   
      Renaissance Responders   
      Preventive Maintenance, Updates, Virus Protection, Etc   
      Email and File Management   
      School Center Web Pages   

  1. From the list above, please rank the top three training sessions you would like to see offered.

  1. List any additional topics you would like to see covered in training.