NC CTS Course Participant 1-Year (Participants open enroll June 06) - (copy)

Follow up for course 6_2006


  1. Have you had the opportunity to use your new skills?

  1. How many training sessions have you designed and/or delivered since June 1, 2007?

  1. What new tools or techniques have you incorporated into your training since attending the program?

  1. Please provide some examples of feedback, positive and/or constructive, you've received from your workshop participants.

  1. What changes have you made as a result of participant feedback?

  1. The course focuses on developing competence in 1. identifying the crucial outcomes of a training program; 2. developing training that will help solve a performance problem; 3.developing engaging, interactive instruction; 4.utilizing a variety of strategies and tools, and; 5. facilitating learning rather than just presenting information. How do you feel completing the course affected your performance in these areas?

  1. Has your manager observed you using your new skills? What feedback has he/she offered, and what changes have you made as a result?

  1. What are you doing to continue to develop your skills?

  1. Overall, please comment on how you feel your performance as a trainer has been affected as a result of attending the course.

  1. Is there anything else you need from us at this time?