Summative Evaluation (Class NC0903FT)

An evaluation of the CDF Course online. Intended to make the course as good as possible for future students.


  1. What module are you working on right now? 

  1. Please rate the course based on the criteria below.

            1 2 3 4 5      
      Student Manual Excellent  Poor  
      Course Content Excellent  Poor  
      Knowledge of Instructors Excellent  Poor  
      Responsiveness of Instructors Excellent  Poor  
      DVD  Excellent  Poor  
      Directions in Syllabus Excellent  Poor  
      VodCasts (video) Excellent  Poor  
      PodCasts (audio) Excellent  Poor  
      CDF Blog Excellent  Poor  
      Online Games for Learning Excellent  Poor  
      Discussion Forums Excellent  Poor  
      Learning Activities Excellent  Poor  
      Open-Book Module Exams Excellent  Poor  
      Overall eLearning Experience Excellent  Poor  

  1. What do you like best (most) about the course?

  1. What suggestions do you have to make the course better for you and other students?

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