Before Workshop Survey for Parents As Partners - Video Project

This site has been developed in part to satisfy the requirements of the California State University (Sacramento) iMET program. Phyllis Amy Berry and Marge Shasberger are students in this Educational Technology Master’s Degree Program. Because this is a research project, we are asking you to complete this survey in order to give instructors information about what is useful and what is not useful in the course. No information about any individual will be shared. However, information about the group as a whole will be used to determine how best to help teachers with technology.


  1. Please indicate if you are willing to participate in this project:

  1. Please tell us about your background. Are you:
    K-6 teacher

  1. Why did you select this seminar? (Parents As Partner - Video Project)

  1. How have you helped at your child's school?

  1. How do your children feel about your participation in activities at their school?

  1. How do you think most parents participate at school?

  1. What prevents you from helping more at your child's school?

  1. What do you think keeps many parents from participating more at their child's school?

  1. How do you think this video project can change parent participation at this school?

  1. What experiences have you had using a video camera?
    I use a video equipment my school or job
    personal use only
    little or no experience

  1. How do you use your video camera now?

  1. What experiences have you had with using iMOVIE or other editing software?
    personal use only
    I use iMOVIE at my school or work
    I used other video editing tools
    little or no experience

  1. How would you like to use your video camera in the future?

  1. (optional) How can we contact you if we have further questions?

California State University, Sacramento