African Unit Survey


  1. Rank the units we have so far (1 is your favorite, 3 is your least favorite)
        1 2 3
    5 themes  

  1. Grade each of the games we played during our Africa unit.A-F

          A B C D F    
      buzzer game (background notes)   
      Wheel of Fortune (European Influence)   
      Card Sharks   

  1. Grade each of the following characteristics of Mr. Campbell during this unit A-F.

          A B C D F    
      explained things well enough for you to understand   
      knew the information   
      made the info interesting   
      made the info fun to learn   
      made you think   

  1. Rank the ways you like to take notes, 1 to 5. 1 is your favorite way, 5 is your least favorite.

          1 2 3 4 5    
      taking notes during a lecture/discussion   
      watching a video and taking notes   
      reading an article and / or worksheet and taking notes during a discussion of the article   
      playing a game and taking notes   
      working in a group and taking notes together   

  1. Do you think this unit was: 

  1. Which of these was the single most interesting thing you learned from the African unit: 

  1. Did you discuss any of the information you learned at home with your parents?

  1. How many homework assignments do you think we had during the unit? 

  1. Are you afraid to ask questions in class?

  1. Considering that we did not have to memorize anything, how well do you know the countries of Africa now?
      1 2 3 4 5  
    Excellent   Poor

  1. Give an overall grade to our Africa unit.
    A B C D F

  1. Is there anything that we did NOT do or cover in the African unit that you wish we did?

  1. Is there anything you want to do in our next unit that we did not do in this one?

  1. Do you have any other questions or things you want me to know??

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