Pulaski Academy Alumni Web Survey

In an effort to better serve all PA Alumni, we are redesigning our Web Site. We want to provide more information in a better organized format. Please read and answer the questions below to help make our web site a better communicaiton tool.


  1. When did you graduate from Pulaski Academy?

  1. Please indicate which division (if any) you have students enrolled (check all that apply).
    Early Childhood
    Lower School
    Middle School
    Upper School

  1. How often do you use the PA web site? (check one response)
    Seldom (Few times per school year)
    Occasionally (One or two times a month)
    Frequently (One or more times a week)

  1. Tell which features you currently use. (Check all that apply)
    Homework, guides
    Review Activities
    Class Newsletter
    Student Work (examples)
    US Course Guide/Selection Form
    Summer Reading List
    PA Calander
    Theater Art
    Parents Association
    Dress Code
    Traffic Guidelines
    Faculty and Staff Information
    Summer at the Academy
    Links to Helpful Websites
    Alumni Association Infomation
    Alumni Events
    Alumni - Keep in Touch Area

  1. If you answered "Other" to question 3, what are the features you use?

  1. What other features would you like to see available on ths site? (Check all that apply)
    Student Handbook
    School Forms
    Event Calendar
    Secure area for Alumni
    Secure area for student work
    Secure area for student grades
    On-line registration
    On-line Annual Giving Opportunities
    On-Line Annual Giving Opportunities
    Bruin Store On-Line

  1. If you answered "Other" to question 5, what other features would you like to see added to the PA Web Site?

  1. How do you access the Internet? (Check one response)
    Dial-up (example: AOL, MSN)
    Broadband (example: SBC, Comcast)
    Not Sure

  1. What do you not like about our current site?

  1. Additional comments or questions are welcome. Please e-mail Teresa Bromley, Director of Technology at teresa@pulaskiacademy.org