Hotel Room Reservation


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  1. Hotel Info: Your lodging options? (A hotel room is about $25-$40 per night)

    Please Note:
    A hotel room will be reserved for you for four nights from July 24 (Registration Day) to July 27 (last day of the Conference). The post-conference tour will start on July 28. More information about the post-conference tours will be announced in May or June.

    Single Room (room with one bed)
    Double Room (room with two beds)
    I don't need a hotel room

  1. If you plan to share the room with a member of the conference, please give his/her name (First name/Last name) (we need the information to avoid reservation duplication)

  1. Conference Fee

    Please note:
    1. After April 1, the rate is higher and the hotel room reservation may not be guaranteed.
    2. Information on how to make the payment of your conference fee is available at:

    Have paid
    Will pay before April 1
    Will pay after April 1