Parent Interest/Needs Survey

Please answer the questions below in order to help us determine your interests and needs in order to help us support your child's educational goals.



Name (optional): 

  1. In what grade level is/are your child or children currently? (Select all that apply)

  1. How many children do you have who currently attend McEachern High School?
    four or more

  1. How long have you lived in this district?
    Less than 1 year
    1-5 years
    6 - 10 years
    11 or more years

  1. What activities does your child participate in at McEachern? (select all that apply)
    Nothing, at this time

  1. Which of the following would most help or interest you? (rank the choices below: 1 being the most and 7 being the least favorite)
        1 2 3 4 5 6 7
    improved communication  
    informational meetings (grades and report cards, study skills, tutoring, credits, course information, etc)  
    Parenting Meetings  
    Workshops (cooking, auto, computers, etc)  
    Community meetings (drugs, alcohol, bullying, etc)  
    Fun Family events and activities  

  1. What is the best way to communicate with you? (Select all that apply)
    school letters, memos, newsletters
    school website, blogs
    facebook/twitter/text message alerts
    direct contact (phone call, home visit, meetings)
    U.S. Mail

  1. Are written communications from school, such as reports cards and newsletters, available in a language you understand?
    All of the time
    Most of the time
    Some of the time
    None of the time

  1. If your native language is NOT English, which language are you most comfortable with?

  1. Do you feel comfortable contacting the teachers/staff with your questions and concerns?
    All of the time
    Most of the time
    Some of the time
    None of the time

  1. How often do you think McEachern should communicate with you regarding news and upcoming events?
    Every 9 weeks
    Each semester

  1. What are some concerns you have about your child's education? (Select all that apply)
    Grading and report cards
    Promotion and Retention (passing and changing grade levels)
    Course Credits
    Graduation Requirements
    Alternative Education options (GED, Job Corp, other)
    College/Technical School Information
    Study Skills

  1. Please indicate your awareness of the following methods for monitoring and assisting your child in school (select as many statements that are true).
    I have my pinnacle log in information.
    I use my parent Pinnacle account to check on my child's grades.
    I use my parent Pinnacle account to contact my child's teachers.
    I attend open house.
    I receive and review my child's progress reports every 6 weeks.
    I am aware of the school's tutoring program and its procedures.

  1. Which of the following activities would you be interested in attending for a fun or informational event here at McEachern? (Select all that apply)
    Family game night
    Dinner and Movie Night
    International Dinner or cultural night
    Informational night (grades, report cards, scheduling, graduation, college fair)
    Workshops (parenting, bullying, drug and alcohol awareness, cooking class, computer class, auto tech, etc)

  1. Which of the following topics would most interest you at an informational night? (rank the choices below: 1 being the most and 6 being the least favorite)
        1 2 3 4 5 6   N/A
    Grading and report cards    
    Courses offered    
    College Fair    
    Career Fair    

  1. Rank your preferences for workshop or seminar topics below. (rank the choices below: 1 being the most and 7 being the least favorite)
        1 2 3 4 5 6 7   N/A
    Auto Technology    
    Drug/Alcohol Awareness for Parents and Teens    
    Bully Prevention    
    Computer Safety    

  1. What are some things that may prevent your attendance at events at McEachern? (choose the most likely answer)
    signs and directional aids
    visitor parking
    child care
    communication (awareness of the event)
    special needs

  1. If you wanted to attend an event at McEachern, what times would be best for you?
    Monday - Thursday (4pm - 6pm)
    Monday - Thursday (6pm - 8pm)
    Saturday (10am-12am)
    Saturday (2pm - 4pm)
    I would not attend

  1. Are you currently a member of PTSA? (circle all that apply)
    I would like to become a member, but don't know how

  1. There are several ways you can volunteer to help here at McEachern, Please indicate any area in which you feel you can participate below:
    Copy room
    Guest Speaker
    Assist Office Staff
    Assist Guidance Staff (career center, etc)
    Assist Band staff
    Assist with sporting events
    Assist Custodial/grounds keeping
    Assist Cafeteria Staff
    Assist with Campus Safety
    Provide Resources (for students/teachers)
    Be a mentor
    Tutor students

  1. Would you be willing to serve on a school committee?

  1. What can the school do to encourage parents to visit the school more often?
    provide more information about school needs
    provide a family center where parents may have access to computers, books, and collaborate with other parents
    Provide times to meet with school staff outside of the regular school day
    Develop activities/events that address the cultural differences/interests of our students and families

  1. Please provide any additional information you feel will help us work with you to support your child's education below:

  1. Thank you for taking this survey. This information will be very helpful in our decisions regarding upcoming events and activities we would like to offer you.

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