Me gusta, No me gusta

Use this survey to talk in Spanish about a few things that you like and don't like.


A red asterisk (*) indicates required questions.

  1. A mi me gusta...*
    nadar (to swim).
    pasear (to go for a walk).
    comer (to eat).
    bailar (to dance).

  1. A mi no me gusta...*
    jugar afuera (to play outside).
    jugar en casa (to play inside).
    dormir (to sleep).
    correr (to run).

  1. A mi me gusta*
    saltar (to jump).
    ayudar (to help).
    jugar (to play).
    aplaudir (to clap).

  1. A mi no me gusta...*
    estudiar (to study).
    trabajar (to work).
    mirar televisio (to watch tv).
    leer (to read).

  1. A mi me gusta MUCHO...*
    hablar (to talk).
    cantar (to sing).
    jugar (to play).
    leer (to read).